ALUXO Bags - Baby Bags for Active Parents


ALUXO Bags are for cool mums and dads going places. 

Nothing beats the beautiful crazy that is life with kids. The journey is a wild one. It inspires us, makes us laugh, surprises us, and challenges us to keep our cool.

Let’s face it - kids change everything.

But one thing that doesn’t have to change is your sense of style.

Founded in 2018, ALUXO was inspired by a collective of parents who were dissatisfied with the overly feminine and, frankly, uncool baby bag options on the market.

A mix of designers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals, these parents were cool before kids, and plan to keep their cool on the adventure ahead.

Designed with a modern and minimalist aesthetic, ALUXO baby bags are multifunctional; they’re designed for mums and dads who appreciate smart functionality but refuse to compromise their style or their sense of identity.

Keep your cool on the go with ALUXO. 

ALUXO Bags - Active X Baby Bag Olive Green
ALUXO Bags - Baby Bags for Active Parents