Tips for thriving as a dad in quarantine

Tips for thriving as a dad in quarantine

As we’re forced to spend more and more time at home, one of the biggest challenges facing parents right now is how to cope with having the little ones around 24/7. With many schools and daycare centers closed and public gatherings discouraged or banned, most of us have never spent so much time with our kids. And as much as we love them (and would do anything for them), gosh it’s hard, especially for those of us balancing conference calls with playtime and lunch prep.

But rest assured, it IS possible to survive - and even thrive – during Covid. Here are our top tips to help dads nail quarantine.

Relax your expectations

A pandemic is a strange thing that most don’t experience during their lifetime. Within weeks the world turned upside down, and all the rules were changed. Things you felt you previously had ‘in the bag’, may have suddenly felt out of control, and that nothing was going to plan. The reality is that there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ during COVID – it’s just about survival. So go easy on yourself, roll with the punches and take it a day at a time. Know that you are killing it. Surviving and Thriving during COVID is all about adaptability, being happy with ‘near-enough-is-good-enough’, and trying not take things too seriously. Demostrating patience, kindness and maintaining a sense of humour, will help you and your family take this new reality in your stride.

Establish a routine

We are all creatures of habit. So are you, and so are your kids. So routine is key – especially during the chaos of a pandemic. Routine gives us a feeling of safety and security because it is something we know. It deactivates our “fight or flight” instincts and helps us to stay centred and mindful, and helps us to make better, less emotional decisions. This is great, not just for you but also for your kids. Whilst boring and unsexy, routine is one of the few things that you can control – so get around it.

Keep it simple

It the midst of quarantine you may be tempted to compensate with elaborate plans to ensure your family and kids don’t miss out on ‘normal life’. But remember, there is no such thing as normal right now. ‘Normal’ will come again, but right now things are different and simpler. Our worlds have become smaller, we socialise less, we have less stimulus bombarding us everyday. But remember there is beauty in simplicity. Take the time to slow down, and go easy on yourself. Take pleasure in appreciating the small things, like conversation or games around the dinner table, creative projects with the kids, or growing your own plants and food. Use your imaginations and have fun – there may never be an opportunity like this again.

Keep Active (and Curious)

Want to change how you feel? Move. And same goes for the kidlets. It doesn’t matter much what you do, but do something. It could be a walk, exploring in the garden, or some higher intensity exercise if that’s your jam. Whatever you do, just do it. And do it regularly. Regular physical activity is one of the best ways to relieve stress & anxiety, and lift your mood. If you can, get out in nature, whether to the park, a loop around your neighbourhood, or the beach. Emersing yourself in greenery is fantastic for your mental and physical health.

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